Fastrack collaborates with Game of Thrones to launch collector’s edition

Titan Co Ltd’s youth accessories brand, Fastrack has collaborated with Game of Thrones to launch a collector’s edition which includes watches, bags, and sunglasses. Fastrack has also launched the iconic 'throne' watch as a part of this collection.
Fastrack collaborates with ‘Game of Thrones’ to launch collector’s edition - Fastrack

The new collection has been inspired by the characters and the royal houses from the show, such as the Starks, Lannisters and the Targaryens.
Talking about the GOT collection, Ayushman Chiranewala, Fastrack marketing head said, “With the season finale of GOT, we wanted to give the fans a collectible they can most associate with. Sunglasses have been uniquely shaped with character quotes imprinted on them. In the bags collection, the textures are inspired by the armor and the colour of clothes the characters are seen in. With our collector’s edition, we aim to give the fans a different experience of Game of Thrones.”
Bhavik Vora, founder & CEO at Black White Orange Brands Pvt Ltd added, "As Game of Thrones' brand licensing partner in India, it's always been our endeavour to do the most innovative collaborations and bring fans the best experience of the brand into their hands.”
GOT is extremely popular especially among millennials in India and as a youth brand Fastrack is looking to cash in on the popularity of GOT to boost sales of its products to maintain its dominance in the youth accessories market in India.

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