Experts urge Dhaka for policy to manage textile chemicals

The Bangladesh Government is yet to introduce a comprehensive national database or policy to manage and monitor the increasing amount of chemicals used in the textile sector, which is posing a barrier to workplace safety, reducing accidents and casualty and curbing occupation-related diseases, according to chemical experts in the country.

The experts were addressing a recent symposium and workshop on textile chemical safety and management in Dhaka organised by the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and Conference and Exhibition Management Service.

The government has the responsibility to introduce a comprehensive legal framework, regulatory body, database and monitoring system, which must be complied with, said BUET chemical engineering department head Syeda Sultana Razia.

Citing an information ministry report published in 2017, she said over 11,000 workers suffer fatal accidents, 24,500 die from work-related diseases and eight million workers in the country endured injuries at work each year, as chemical safety management were overlooked, according to Bangla media reports.

Mohammad Easir Arafat Khan, assistant professor of the BUET department, said excessive use of hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen and methane in chemicals cause acute injury to human health.

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