Could a beauty line dictated by the menstrual cycle be the key to better skin?

If you find yourself having to adapt your skincare routine over the course of a typical month to factor in hormonal changes, then you're not alone. Hormones can have a significant impact on the state of your complexion over the course of a typical menstrual cycle, with dryness, oiliness and breakouts all wreaking havoc with carefully considered cleansing and toning routines. But rather than fight your skin's natural variations, new US beauty startup Amareta is proposing a skincare regimen that works with your body clock to factor in fluctuating hormones, as Fast Company reported.

Most women experience three distinct phases over the course of a cycle -- a luteal phase, a menstrual phase and a follicular phase. During the luteal phase, breakouts and oiliness are common, while the menstrual phase can result in dryness and increased sensitivity. Follicular phases are usually when the skin is at its best, so this can be a great time to focus on skincare. Amareta offers products for each of the first two categories, such as a ‘Petal Soft' cleansing balm to tackle hormonal acne and inflammation in the luteal phase, and a ‘Moonlight' gel cleanser to combat hormonally-induced dullness and hyperpigmentation during the menstrual phase. The brand also offers a separate line of skincare products for pregnant women and new mothers, as well as an all-natural blusher and eyeshadow makeup product.

Amareta's mission is indicative of a wider trend for more customizable beauty products across the industry. Earlier this month, skincare brand Kiehl's unveiled a new ‘Apothecary Preparations' concept, comprising an in-store skin analysis and the creation of a unique blend of concentrates for each customer, to better deal with their individual complexion issues. Meanwhile, perfume brand Jo Malone has long been offering shoppers the chance to create a unique scent through its service ‘The Art of Fragrance Combining', and Parisian luxury label Diptyque has become known for its ‘Fragrance Fitting' concept.

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