Clove collaborates with Zariin and Anomaly for jewellery pop-up

Samyukta Nair’s luxury concept store Clove has collaborated with the two jewellery brands Zariin and Anomaly for a five-day pop-up event starting on May 16. The pop-up highlights the two brands’ latest collections. 

The Zariin, Anomaly, and Clove collaboration - Clove

Nair has paired Zariin and Anomaly together for a pop-up event due to their complimentary designs. The exclusive double brand showcase will present both labels’ latest collections which both feature gold and rustic stones. The jewellery is light and delicate but has an earthy construction. 

The pop-up runs from May 16 to 20 at Clove in Colaba in Mumbai. As well as the Zariin and Anomaly jewellery collections, the boutique has curated a selection of complimentary clothing items from a range of Indian brands. A large selection of occasion wear is also available.

“Preview a curation of effortlessly chic clothing and contemporary sparkles this summer for dreamers and doers,” read Clove’s press release. 

Samyukta Nair opened Clove as a multi-brand designer store on November 2, 2017. Nair describes the store as a “concept” boutique as she was inspired by experiences shopping in Europe to design the stores to give shoppers a "relaxing and thoughtful" shopping experience. The store is housed in a late 19th century Art Deco building and retails a range of brands including Dhruv Kapoor, Aish, Kardo, and Lacquer Embassy.

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