China’s NGTC delegation meets with GJEPC and GII

A delegation from China’s National Gems & Jewelry Technology Administrative Center met with the Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council and the Gemmological Institute of India to discuss the diamond industry. 

The GJEPC and the GII met with the Chinese NGTC on Friday

On September 6, the GJEPC and GII met with the NGTC to discuss pressing issues in the diamond industry across India and China, the GJEPC reported on its website. The meeting saw the three organisations decide to work together to promote gems and jewellery in China and the NGTC offered its support and to share its resources for this aim. 

The chairman of the GJEPC suggested that the organisations next meet in Hong Kong during the upcoming Hong Kong Show, for further discussions. The organisations also posited the idea of signing a memorandum of understanding.

The Chinese NGTC delegation comprised Taijin Lu, Ye Zhibin, Tian Jing, Shen Lidong, Chen Hao, and Geng Siyu. The GJEPC was represented by chairman Pramod Kumar Agrawal, Sanjay Shah, and executive director Sabayasachi Ray and the GII was represented by chairman Bakul Mehta, Anup Zaveri, and Mahesh Vaghani.

The GII and the NGTC had previously signed a letter of intent promising mutual support for research and development and meeting challenges in detecting lab-grown diamonds. The GII and the NGTC have been in correspondence since 2015.

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