Chandni Sahi creates organic collection

The designer Chandni Sahi has created a 100% organic collection for this season entitled “Meraki”, meaning “creativity” in Greek and inspired by Greek architecture.

Chandni Sahi has created a 100% organic collection, "Meraki" - Chandni Sahi

After exploring sustainable fashion in previous collections, this season Chandni Sahi took the plunge and went 100% for her latest collection, “Meraki”. “Fabrics are all 100% organic and this collection is something completely different from what I have been making,” Sahi said in a press release.

Sahi sourced a number of different organic textiles for the collection including eucalyptus and bamboo fabrics. Silhouettes include trench jackets with dresses and pleated asymmetrical skirts among other breezy shapes.

Speaking about her inspiration behind the collection, Sahi said: “My collection is inspired by Greece and its architecture. Hints of embroidery lie in the collection that I have incorporated from the architecture that has a lot of lines.” Geometric shapes in colours like sand brown, lime green, white, and powder blue have been used to create a resort aesthetic that mixes Sahi’s Greek inspiration with her Indian heritage.

The collection is available in a number of multi-brand boutiques: Talasha, Panache, Creo, and Jhelum as well as on the e-commerce platform Pernia's Pop Up Shop. Sahi’s designs have been work by a number of Bollywood celebrities including Neha Dhupia, Bipasha Basu, and Diana Penty.

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