Champion: a positive third quarter in 2017

Owned by Hanesbrands since 2016, Champion posted 16% growth in Q3 2017, a spurt spurred on by good performances in Europe, Asia and online, which will buoy the overall growth of the group. 

Hanesbrands has owned Champion Europe, Middle East and Africa since June 2016 - Facebook: Champion

 In the third quarter, the American group Hanesbrands reported sales growth of 2%, with revenues totaling 1.8 billion dollars (1.545 billion euros). The group said the strong performance was powered by international growth in double digits, notably for Champion.

The brand, which achieved growth of 16% in its international sales during this period – a figure higher than that of the first semester and above expectations – has benefited from the return of the 90s trend, particularly through its activewear offering. Indeed, Champion has boosted Hanesbrands' revenue in this segment by 5%.

The brand has been doing better internationally than on the American market, reporting double-figure growth in Asia, specifically in Japan and Korea, and in Europe, particularly in Germany and the United Kingdom, where the group has developed a footwear offering for Autumn/Winter 17-18. Supported by this progress, Hanesbrands has experienced growth of 7% in Europe and 20% in Asia.

The group explains that it is working on the international image of Champion and will be concentrating on its development now that it controls its distribution in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as in the USA. Hanesbrands intends to consolidate its positive results during the final quarter of the year and expand its European network, thanks to opportunities it has identified in Italy and the Nordic countries. 

Translated by Robin Driver

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