Branded Modi merchandise registers Rs 5 crore sales in 3 months

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s merchandise which was launched recently ahead of the forthcoming elections has witnessed a spike in sales and managed to generate Rs 5 crore (approx $0.8 million) in three months.
Merchandise worth Rs 5 crore sold in 3 months of Indian PM - Anurag Thakur- Facebook

The Modi merchandise is currently sold through the NaMo app and e-commerce platforms like Paytm and Amazon.
The BJP party which owns the rights for the merchandise is expecting sales to pick up in the coming months and plan to sell the products physically through the party’s state offices and events, the Economic Times reported citing party sources.
The Modi merchandise includes t-shirts, hoodies, caps, keychains, coffee mugs, notebooks, and pens. T-shirts are the top-selling product across all platforms and has managed sales worth Rs 3 crore in the last three months.
“Sales are happening through three avenues – retail through the NaMo App and other platforms like PayTM and Amazon and lastly, from bulk orders from BJP’s regional offices. For large bulk order like 500 to 1000 T-shirts, a discounted rate is offered,” a party source told ET.
“Our idea is that everyone at the BJP office should own such merchandise and wear it as elections near. BJP could also sell this merchandise at its regional and local events,” another source added.
The merchandise was launched on the prime minister’s 68th birthday on the NaMo app which currently has over five million customers. Online platform FlyKart owns the license to manufacture these products.

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