Bodice to open shop in its studio

Bodice by Ruchika Sachdeva plans to open a new store within its New Delhi studio in spring this year. The brand, which won the International Woolmark Prize last year, has expanded internationally since the award.

Bodice will open a studio-store this season - Bodice- Facebook

Ruchika Sachdeva, who was one of the youngest designers ever to win the Woolmark Prize last year, plans to add a second flagship store this spring. However, eschewing a traditional retail space, Sachdeva plans to open the store in her Vasant Kunj studio in New Delhi.

“I am opening a store within my studio,” Sachdeva told Vogue India. “It’s again a risk that I am taking. It’s quite lovely, I like it. I think the right women will come and buy. My mom was horrified and thinks I should choose a more commercial location. But in Delhi, everything is a marketplace, and nothing really inspired me. I think we can do the same from here. It should open in March or April. It’s about providing this kind of peace. We are providing an ecosystem more than a store.”

Sachdeva also recently showed her first ever menswear collection at the summer/ resort 2019 edition of Lakmé Fashion Week. The runway show featured influencers and celebrities and saw Sachdeva’s signature off-beat minimalism interpreted for menswear.

The designer also told Vogue India that the most significant outcome of winning the Woolmark Prize proved to be gaining sustainable international recognition. “I think the biggest outcome was that it gave me a foot in the door of the international market, because I think that’s one of the hardest things to do,” said Sachdeva. “There are way too many brands and if you’re not a part of it [the market], if you’re not interacting with the people who form the industry on an everyday basis, the memory of your brand fades even if you’ve had a good time during one fashion week. So I think what it really helped me with was stepping into the international market and exploring it.”

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