Binny Bansal withdraws police complaint against woman who alleged misconduct

Binny Bansal filed and then later withdrew a police complaint at Kormangala Police Station against the woman whose sexual misconduct accusation sparked a probe that led to his departure from Flipkart last week.

Binny Bansal filed and then later withdrew a police complaint against the woman who accused him of sexual misconduct - LetsVenture- Facebook

As reported by ET Bureau, two sources close to the matter stated that Bansal approached the police to make a complaint days after he stepped down from his role as Flipkart Group CEO on November 13.

A Walmart-led investigation was held after a female ex-employee alleged that Bansal had behaved inappropriately towards her. The investigation stated that it did not find the woman’s claims to be true but that Bansal had lacked transparency when dealing with the situation.

“Binny Bansal had filed a police complaint against the accuser for blackmailing and levelling false allegations against him,” a source told ET Bureau. “Following due process, the police informed him that when called to furnish her statement, the woman apologised for making these allegations to Walmart… Hence, Binny Bansal decided not to pursue the complaint further, reserving his rights to reopen the case if and when necessary.”

Walmart has not yet released specifics of what its investigation found to be “lapses of judgement”. A report by Founding Fuel alleged that a security firm employee hired by Bansal to deal with the situation assaulted the woman who made the claim. Bansal has himself alleged that the woman in question blackmailed him for money and so the case remains unclear.

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