Bibhu Mohapatra launches Sashi by Bibhu

The Indian born fashion designer Bibhu Mohapatra has launched a capsule collection, Sashi by Bibhu, which, inspired by his mother, will be a permanent feature for his brand.

Bibhu Mohapatra has launched a permanent capsule collection, Sashi by Bibhu - Bibhu Mohapatra- Facebook

Mohapatra credits his mother with supporting his desire to study fashion design and decided to honour her with a new line that will run alongside his eponymous couture label. “For me, my first language or sensibility of colours and patterns came from my mother, Sashi,” Mohapatra told Elle India.

The line, Sashi by Bibhu, will comprise a permanent capsule collection that retails at a more affordable price point than Mohapatra’s main line. The idea is to make the collection accessible to more people and the clothing has been designed to not only reflect his mother’s legacy but also to cater to his customers’ everyday clothing needs. Items such as silk blouses and trousers, cocktail dresses, and fluted skirts in striking textiles make up the basis of the collection.

The collection made its debut at New York Fashion Week’s recent fall/ winter 2018/2019 season. Speaking about his collection, Mohapatra said: “For me, the message is recognition of the power of women, and what the women in my life gave me while shaping me. I want to channel this through Sashi, not just populate the world with more clothes. It has a mission; it needs to fit in with people’s needs.”

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