Bhubaneswar Style Week third edition to take place on July 28, 29

Bhubaneswar Style Week, a fashion week to promote handloom from Odisha, will hold its third edition on July 28 and 29 at the Mayfair Convention Space in Bhubaneswar.

Bhubaneswar Style Week's model audition judges - Bhubaneswar Style Week- Facebook

The fashion week will include runway shows featuring designers from the region of Odisha with a focus on those using traditional handloom textiles from the region. A lifetime achievement award will be presented to a designer at the event and an exclusive fashion magazine will be produced around the event. The magazine will include the event’s featured designers and, according to the event’s social media: “enlighten people regarding the BSW [Bhubaneswar Style Week] and the fashion trends it brings along with it to Odisha.”

This season, the event held open auditions for its runway models for the first time on July 1 at the Mayfair Hotel and Resort in Bhubaneswar. At the audition, eight models were selected from 30 hopefuls by a panel of judges that included the actress Poonam Mishra. The chosen models will appear on the runway on July 28 and 29. As the fashion week aims to shine a light on local designers, the organisers also wanted to do the same for local models.

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