Bengaluru ByDesign celebrates contemporary sustainable fashion

The Bengaluru ByDesign festival is currently running from November 23 to December 2 and features a number of fashion events.

Bengaluru ByDesign runs until December 2 - Bengaluru ByDesign- Facebook

As part of the Bengaluru ByDesign festival that kicked off on Friday, a number of pop-up shops and fashion events are running in the city. One of these is The Object Shop, a pop-up shop running from November 27 to 29 that features clothing and accessories from local designers.

As part of the design festival, a Museum of Everything has been curated by Sarayu Hegde, the founder of Bombay Attic and Virja Shah, the founder of Kit and Caboodle. The exhibition looks at contemporary Indian fashion with a focus on alternative designs and sustainable garments.

“Design is not just for the elite, it is for everybody,” said Priyanka Shah-Bhandary, the co-founder of the Bengaluru ByDesign festival. “With Bengaluru ByDesign, we want to democratise and demystify design. This year’s festival is focusing on three key areas - Design and Public, Design and Business and Design and Education.”

The festival follows the India Design Forum that recently took place and included inputs from Jahnvi Dameron Nandan of The Perfume Library and Revathi Kant, chief design officer of Titan.

The Bengaluru ByDesign festival is in collaboration with TVS, Asian Paints, WeWork, and Titan among other sponsors. Art installations have been erected throughout the city and, alongside fashion- technology, debates, launches, and educational events will run through the course of the festival.

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