Baggit launches first media campaign with new ambassador Shraddha Kapoor

After running for 30 years, Baggit has launched its first ever mass media campaign and its star is the newly signed brand ambassador, Bollywood celebrity Shraddha Kapoor.

Baggit has launched its first ever mass media campaign and its star is the Bollywood celebrity Shraddha Kapoor - Baggit- Facebook

Baggit’s new and first-ever mass media marketing campaign was, according to the brand’s founder Nina Lekhi, the brainchild of her daughter and Marketing Head, Atul Garg. The campaign is the first major campaign Kapoor stars in, after signing up to be brand ambassador earlier this year.

The campaign marks a new direction for the business. Previously Lekhi was cautious about spending on marketing but told ET Brand Equity that her 18 year-old-daughter Garg convinced her to invest in celebrity appeal.

The move involved a 15 member team headed by Garg, and film maker Aarti Kakkad, who created the campaign. The campaign addresses gender roles and encourages freedom of expression.

“With a celebrity factor in place, we could have easily gone out bombarding the communication all over. Our effort was to keep it simple and make a sensible piece of work that reflects what the brand stands for,” explained Lekhi who also mentioned that the aspirational nature of the brand fits well with using a celebrity for marketing.

Baggit aims to increase revenue by 25 percent over the course of this financial year and is spending five percent of top line on marketing. The brand is also currently working on expanding its private label business.

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