Azafran launches new line: Azafran Organics Baby

The organic personal care brand Azafran Innovacion Ltd. has made its debut in the baby care market with the launch of its new product line, Azafran Organics Baby.

Azafran Innovacion Ltd. has made its debut in the baby care market - Azafran Innovacion Ltd.

“Believing natural and organic ingredients are important in protecting baby’s delicate skin, we have created our baby care range with certified organic ingredients,” stated the company’s press release. “Combining generations of women’s wisdom, traditional practices and safety assurances of contemporary research we use only plant-based ingredients like coconut, soya and olive that are gentle on skin, leaving a mild pleasant fragrance. We stay far from Paraben, Sulphate and other harsh chemicals that can dry and irritate skin.” 

The line features products including massage oil, nourishing cream, gentle body wash, shampoo, and moisturizing soap. All products use only organic, non-toxic ingredients which are designed to be soothing for sensitive skin.

As well as launching a new product line, the brand aims to open more brick and mortar stores in the near future, although no dates or locations have been released. The brand’s press release states that store openings will come in the form of modern retail stores, multi brand outlets, and general trade, and tie ups with large retail chains could be on the horizon. Azafran is currently focusing on metros for store openings.

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