Anita Dongre speaks on sustainability at Copenhagen Fashion Summit

Indian designer Anita Dongre spoke on sustainable fashion on the first day of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in Denmark as the event celebrated its 10th edition. 

Anita Dongre promoted sustainable fashion to an international audience in Denmark on May 15 - Anita Dongre- Facebook

Dongre gave guidance to her audience on how to pursue sustainable fashion as part of the panel discussion “Taking the pulse of the Fashion Industry”. Dongre was the only Indian designer to participate in the international event and gave a strong case for going eco-friendly. "I believe that companies are very much focused on profit and growth, but we also need audit agencies to measure the sustainability efforts," said Dongre at the event, as reported by The Hans India.

Dongre suggested that brands redefine how they see success to include how they are helping the environment and what kind of social impact they have. Dongre explained her own brand’s focus on female empowerment and stated that her aim is “to take the employment back to the villages of India and help women achieve financial independence." Dongre added that design is an important driver of sustainability.

The event, organised by the Global Fashion Agenda, featured designers from around the world and brought them together to discuss sustainable fashion. Dongre has pioneered the movement in India and runs, among other labels, the sustainable fashion label Grassroot which has stores across India and one in New York, US. Dongre has also set up her own training centres to teach rural women how to sew and create garments. These women then go on to manufacture garments for Dongre’s brands which allows them to remain in their home villages and use production methods that no not harm the environment. 

The Copenhagen Fashion Summit was held at the Copenhagen Concert Hall from May 15 to 16. The event was held under the patronage of the Crown Princess of Denmark and also featured international brands including PVH Corp, Kering, Nike, and Google.

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