Angadi Galleria creates Deepika Padukone's wedding saree, styled by Sabyasachi

Deepika Padukone's wedding saree, which was designed by the Bengaluru atelier Angadi Galleria and styled by Sabyasachi, has created a social media frenzy.  

Deepika Padukone's wedding saree was designed by Angadi Galleria and styled by Sabyasachi - Deepika Padukone- Facebook

The Bollywood actress and celebrity Deepika Padukone recently married fellow star Ranveer Singh and wore a deep red and gold saree for her traditional Konkani wedding ceremony. The saree was first thought to be by Sabyasachi who styled the wedding but designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee clarified on social media that it was gifted by Padukone’s mother as per Konkani tradition and was from Angadi Galleria in Bengaluru.

“It’s a sari from our in-house label, Advaya, designed by Mr K Radharaman, founder and head designer,” a representative from Angadi Galleria told Elle India. “You can’t tell from the photographs but it’s deep red in colour. It features a Gandaberunda motif – the Gandaberunda is a two-headed mythical bird, which is also the state symbol of Karnataka. As per south Indian tradition, nobody except your family can gift you your wedding sari.”

The saree caused a social media storm as fans tried to figure out who made it. The Voice of Fashion finally identified it as an Angadi Galleria piece and the Sabyasachi brand subsequently clarified and corroborated that on its Instagram.

“We have just received information that the saree was bought from Angadi Galleria, Bengaluru and we would like to give them due credit for the same,” said the Sabyasachi Instagram account. Mukherjee has also clarified that he added the veil and styled the saree. Designing Padukone’s wedding saree for one of the biggest Bollywood weddings of the year has thrust Angadi Galleria into the limelight as a brand to watch.

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