Adidas assures it will retain India cricket focus alongside running, football

Adidas has assured that, despite press reports that it was backing out of India’s cricket market, it has the same focus as ever and is also expanding its focus on running and football clothing in the country.

Adidas will retain its India cricket focus and increase its focus on running and football - Adidas- Facebook

Dave Thomas, the managing director of Adidas and Reebok in India, told ET Retail that any press reports stating that Adidas was backing out from its commitment to cricket were “sensational and without much bases.”

Thomas stated clearly: “Nothing has changed for us.”

Adidas will continue to retail the same cricket accessories and even intends to expand the number of retail outlets that stock them.

The [cricket] products in terms of bats and accessories are still done with the same partner as it was done a year ago,” said Thomas, who also stated that the brand will be continuing its partnerships with the two Indian cricketers, Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Pant.

Adidas will also increase its focus on running and running clothing in India. The brand has signed the athlete Hima Das as a brand ambassador and aims to use her gravitas to inspire the young generation to embrace running.

Football, a sport growing in popularity in India, will also be a focus area for Adidas moving forward.

"In football, we have seen a tremendous pickup,” said Thomas. “International leagues and events close to home have helped us grow in the country. As a company globally football is the heartbeat sport for us.”

The brand has picked up the pace with brick-and-mortar store openings over the past year and has also increased its overage store size.

“The new stores are bigger and better,” said Thomas. Fuelled by an increase in online sales, the brand expects this year’s performance to improve upon last year’s.

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