30 designers took part in Couturiture 2018, Guwahati

Couturiture 2018 took place in Guwahati on July 5 and 30 designers showcased their designs along with 80 fashion students from the National Institute of Interior and Fashion Design (NIID).

Couturiture 2018 took place in Guwahati on July 5 - Couturiture 2018- Facebook

The fashion event, hosted by the Guwahati Metro Community and the NIID, took place at the Pragjyoti ITA Centre for Performing Arts in Machkhowa on Thursday. The day before the event, the co-founder Ankur Sarda said: "It gives us immense pleasure to see our young and budding designers take on the professional world. As a stepping stone to their future, we are organising Couturiture at ITA Machkhowa on July 5."

The NIID, which was founded in 2012 by Ankur Sarda and Pankaj Chandak, organises Couturiture to give new designers in the region a platform from which to launch their fashion careers and to shine a light on established designers in the area. The NIID is approved by the Northeast branch of the Indian Interior Designing Society (IIDS) and it encompasses both fashion and interior design.

The designers each had a stall from which to display their creations and ten spots were also reserved for designer furniture and homeware. The Founder and President of the Northeast India Fashion and Design Council, Medha Saikia, said the event showcased “The latest trends in traditional, western, Indo-western and bridalwear.”

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