Wrangler, the famous American jeans brand takes advantage of their historical heritage to dare with new creative lines

Wrangler celebrated their 70th year in 2017. The famous American jean brand represents a big part of American history, from cowboys to Woodstock, from the American West to car races. (interview)Jeans that have become legendary thanks to their durable denim and all their innovative details like “broken twill”, tailoring that makes sure the cotton doesn’t twist around the leg.(interview)Today the house is a little more daring, with new designs and vibrant colours… again offering capsule collections with the major 70s artist Peter Max and playing with tones dear to the house, in this new “ yellow and blue” Premium line.(interview)With interview of Sean Gormley, artistic director of WranglerEncased in this jean, this simple product, essentially there’s this long history and whether it’s from a functionality background or from a style background you have like a legacy in every pair of jeans. In denim heritage, jean brands don’t last 70 years for nothing, there’s an expertise in the way we make fittings, expertise in fabrics, you know, construction of the jeans, comfort is really important so, this is what really defines Wrangler versus the competition. The origin of the brand started with this one jean, which is called the 11NWZ, the original jean and it was designed and tested by cowboys. And designed for cowboys by this tailor Rodeo Ben and it’s a combination of the fabric, the fit and all of the details that go into the jean. And now we’re more, interested in 80s and 90s and even a little bit in the noughties. I would say the big inspiration was combining this retro, sports influence which has been very important in bringing new consumers to our brand and combining that with a western heritage. So, we call that combination “retro west” and that’s the key inspiration for winter 18.

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