Rami Kadi Fashion Show - Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2017/18 (with interview)

Couturier: Rami KadiPresentation: In the salons of Le MeuriceTheme: Sweet ChaosFocus on: The graphic print skirt in a plaited leather which hugs the bodyThe designer uses classic Couture techniques which he reworks in the context of a new vision.To note: The Swarovski rhinestones enveloped with barbed wireA PVC skirt with printed stripes of sequins+ Light sequins on a sheath dressHigh shine on a voluminous dress with a gradation of feathers+ Dress showcasing optical illusionsInterview Rami Kadi:The theme is ‘Sweet Chaos’. It’s a chaos which is enjoyable.There’s a very graphic element with a lot of colour-blocking, strong crisscrossing colours. There are many diagonal, vertical, horizontal lines with kind of roundness. Yes, it’s very chaotic but at the same time, all the dresses have been embroidered by hand. There are a lot of different techniques.You can see a lot of holographic prints which were made on the sequin to give an iridescent, shiny effect, but at the same time very light, very new. So, we created a bling effect which is still very, very modern.Music in the public domain / Bandit & Nikit

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions