Giambattista Valli - WOMENSWEAR collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 in Paris (with interview)

Location: Grand Palais, ParisInspiration: The famous photograph " Le Baiser de l'Hotel de Ville " by Robert Doisneau, a continuation of couture, always a story of love and emotion, masculine touches Focus on: the grey knit top worn on the dresses re-embroidered in colourful flowers + Black and white pleats+ wrap over drapes and embroideries of stones on one shoulder+ Transparency and ruffles for long dressesNote: Short jackets and coats made feminine by many details with a chevron collar, vinyl edgeInterview from Giambattista Valli: I love when it becomes kaleidoscopic, when you turn it, with the kaleidoscope it is the same focus but it takes different forms and different realities.It's a feeling, a stolen moment, I think this Doisneau photograph says it all, it is so well known. It’s an extension of this couture moment with a Parisian feeling and spirit.There is black and white, there are men’s textures and there is a love story.In fact this collection is an introspection of my world and this love I have for women and also of my very own personal identity. Music of the show, (donot reuse for more than 7 days after the show)

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions

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