Thom Browne - Menswear Show Autumn/Winter 2015/16 in Paris with interview

Commemorating at Thom Browne. The American designer is presenting his masculine collection in Paris meanwhile the womenswear show is in New York, and again made a point to outline his mise en scene: the guests sat in an arc of a circle just like for a performance, a young man lay across a bed, preparing his death with serenity, a shower of ashes over the people who came to commemorate and to pay him their last respects…So the models followed one another, walking very softly. Black is therefore the focus, revolving around suits made in luxurious fabrics, mixed, cut and reworked. Nothing is left to chance. The lace detailing, the embellishment, the embroidery, the touches of fur, the play with the lengths bring a new dimension to the tailored trouser. The superpositions of jackets, the trousers finishing above the ankle and even Bermuda shorts and skirts are still the trademark of the designer who takes us each season into a new romantic, profound and poetic story. To note: the two bags in the shape of a whale and a tortoise.Interview: Thom Browne : I’m drawn to people who are very comfortable and confident being on their own, so it was really paying tribute to those types of people, this guy being very comfortable on his own, paying homage to finishing his life work and his passing by, and everyone paying tribute, and romantically respecting his life.It was a mix of feminine fabrics, masculine fabrics, technical fabrics and in order to get it to feel really rich, the combination of all of them together, was how it really came together in that way.Using all black I mean you have to make sure that it’s not flat, there are so many layers, and so much texture within that one colour and there is so much detail in each outfit and it’s nice that all the people recognise all the different layers in each one. Music from the show

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