Thom Browne - Collection Spring/Summer 2015 New York

Welcome to the imaginary and infantile world of Thom Browne. Played in the background was a story of six sisters and their choices of what to wear for each day of the week. The colours were explosive, and embroidery of flowers and feathers were found scattered over the waists of the pieces. For the first time, the swimming costume made an appearance, although the accessories deserve their own story, one should first take a look at the hats designed by Stephen Jones.Interview: Thom Browne: It started with the flowers, so it was really the flowers and colour, and then it being a children’s story. Kids love colour, so playing into that part of the story.The real concept was taking simple shapes and fabricating them in such overwhelmingly beautiful and conceptual ways, so that was really important for the collection. I don’t design in (terms of) items, I design in a whole beautiful picture and idea, and when you see it all together it’s exactly what it was supposed to be.Stephen Jones: It was an extraordinary experience to take on the spirit of a designer, it was a huge honour.Music from the show.

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions