Topshop X Kate Moss

The Kate Moss Topshop collection hits stores on 30th April. For the occasion, the British giant has organised a great marketing plan over several months. It all started with the appearance of Kate Moss at the two latest shows of its Unique line. Then, in recent weeks, 8 films and teaser posts were produced by NOWNESS including interviews with personalities close to the supermodel, talking sincerely and humorously about three iconic themes: London town, the Topshop brand and, of course, the star herself…The Topshop X Kate Moss line launches on 29th April 2014 at Topshop Oxford Circus and on 30th April 2014 for the rest of the world. Sold exclusively in France at Galeries Lafayettes and BHV/le Marais.

Copyright : films produced by Nowness for Topshopmusique Next Stop by Bleached taken from Teaser Kate Moss / TopshopInterviews:Cara Delevingne:Working with Topshop, it was just perfect. It is like the London brand, London girl, the London girl all coming together. I just knew she would bring something to make it just her. Beth Ditto:Kate is definitely rebellious; that’s what I love about her because she is always hilarious, she is always on, always honest but in a really genuinely sweet way. She is just a really sweet person.This is me standing normally; and this is what Kate taught me. How nice is that?Vivienne Westwood:Everybody wanted her. I think she is one of the most stylish people to grace the planet. She loves fashion, she understands clothes, and she knows how to work with clothes. She has just got it.Andreas Kronthaler:She is so sexy.Vivienne Westwood:But I am more beautiful.Charlotte Tilbury:Kate has some of the hottest lips in the world. I think she is the face of a generation. She went to meet Fidel Castro and when she walked into the room, Fidel Castro said to her, ‘I hear you are a bit of a revolutionary too’.Kate Moss:It was seven years ago that I did the first collection so I have grown up a lot and I learnt a lot the first time round. This collection is a bit more sophisticated. Everything in the collection is something that I would definitely wear; I can’t wait to get my hands on it!