Thom Browne-Spring Summer 2014 Menswear Collection in Paris (with ITW)

The Paris Military School was taken over by Thom Browne and his little soldiers…like no other! Made up with dazzling red lipstick, mirrored glasses and a cap, the military interpretation according to the American designer, used to grand staging, wasn’t going to forget about fantasy.The military piece has here an allure of an haute couture coat and the catwalk continues with gold buttoned jackets, jodhpurs and white brocade short trousers. There is parody up until the end, the soldiers stand guard and the white flag is raised!

Music from fashion show

Thom Browne :
It was my loose interpretation of military uniforms, and nothing specific, just with the shapes being very militant and strict, and a bit of fantasy too.
There’s so much work that went into each and every piece that’s why I wanted it to stay out for a while, for people to be able to get close to it, there’s so much work that went into it. I always like to mix a little bit of masculine and feminine.
I develop all my fabrics, taking very classic fabrics and coating them in rubber and in plastic and so it’s very different.

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