Dries Van Noten - Menswear fashion show Fall / Winter 2013/14 (with itw)

This season the Belgian Dries Van Noten creates a comfortable wardrobe where the quality of materials takes over the rest. The cashmere motif inundates this wardrobe consisting of day jackets worn over studded leather trousers, woolen coats tied at the waist and crepe chiffon shirts embroidered with rhinestones. And to emphasize the message, men wear socks tucked into open sandals or shoes with crepe soles.

Music from the fashion show

Dries Van Noten : There is a comfortable side, but I really wanted to mix it with biker trousers, in cotton and entirely embroidered with dyed jeans with studs. So there is this tough side too, it's a mix that I really wanted to present in a peculiar way

So, really it's cashmere, it's the tradition but it's also modernity for me. At the moment I find that there's this return to traditional materials, so wool, cotton, cashmere, alpaca, so this is also the reason that we made many coats, that are not in technical materials but are in a very good quality.

The rhinestones, were a bit like borrowing clothes from the women's wardrobe like we did for summer for women, so it's like the boyfriend of the girl who we presented this summer.

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