Burberry Prorsum - Menswear fashion show Fall / Winter 2013/14

Trenches, duffle coats, pea coats and overcoats, the coat is honored at Burberry. But not as we imagined. Christopher Bailey likes to divert the classics of the fashion house, to the image of a rubber trench coat with a silk appearance which leads us to discover a "heart" print, the leitmotif of the season. Or animal prints which start with little touches on bags and the shoes, finishing with an all over on a coat. Or felt with hints of little shiny studs. The English chic is pure, but terribly unexpected, fun and modern.

Music free of right / Bandit &Nikit 2012

Christopher Bailey : The starting point was really this idea of classics, but playful classics. I wanted to take all the very familiar coats of Burberry and of menswear and then just kind of subvert them slightly, for example make this rubberized cashmere at the very beginning, change the proportion of things, adding with the classic checks, these little animal prints, putting little love hearts and the name of the collection was I `heart' classics because I like that nod to technology, that's how you might text someone, so we used the little emoji heart in there.

We did a lot of fabric development for this collection because I wanted everything to be starting from a classic base, but actually to turn it completely on its head, so when you first see it you think it's a classic, but then for example we have a felt, and then when you actually look the felt is all made of little studs and lots of things like that.

It's rubber that we developed to look like satin, so it moves like satin and hangs like satin, but actually it's rubber so it's waterproof.

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