Exclusive meet with Kenzo Takada who engages in all honesty... about his new passions

Infront of the camera and in exclusivity, Kenzo Takada talks about his recent activities since leaving his fashion house in 1999. Insatiable, he is now active in the field of decoration, design and lifestyle while enjoying his new passion : painting.

Music free of right / Bandit &Nikit 2012

Kenzo Takada : When I stopped in 2000, I thought I was going to keep quiet, constantly travelling, doing nothing. It was my dream to travel. Finally when I stopped, I realized that I needed to do something.

We made the decorations of catamaran, we're still working on it, but it's almost finished. I made small objects, for Baccarat and carpets for Tai Ping.

Next year, it's about painting. I don't have a workshop yet, so in my apartment, I've made myself a little section and someone from Fine Arts gives me lessons, it's great.

I like going out, going to a lot of parties, but now I'm too old ....

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