Virat Kohli to endorse Philips grooming products

Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli has been named as brand ambassador for Philips India wherein the star cricketer will be seen endorsing the brands grooming range in the country.
Virat Kohli to endorse Philips grooming products - Philips India

Philips is looking to cash in on Virat’s popularity as they feel that the cricketer’s association with the brand will help boost sales especially among millennials which is the target audience for company’s grooming range.
Commenting on the occasion, ADA Ratnam, President, Personal Health, Philips India Limited, said, “It gives me immense pleasure and pride to welcome Virat Kohli to the Philips family. Virat exemplifies the confidence that comes from within; beyond the traditional role of a man. We are confident that with this association, we will reach out to the Indian youth.”
Dipti Jagdev Shah, Senior Marketing Director and Business Head, Philips Personal Care, said, "To associate with Virat Kohli is a natural choice - his beard is the most loved aspect of this stylish youth icon and Virat personifies our brand philosophy of the modern man flawlessly."
Kohli added, "I am very excited and proud to be associated with an iconic brand like Philips. I love my beard to be always perfectly styled," he said, adding that he likes products which help him groom his beard into any style that feels right to him.
Philips is one of the major players in face stylers and grooming kits segment in the Indian market.

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