Vastralankara fashion event to promote "Swadeshi" designs

From August 8 to 12, “Vastralankara, an initiative to support Swadeshi” will take place at the Coomaraswarmy Hall (CSMVS) in South Mumbai.

“Vastralankara, an initiative to support Swadeshi” will take place from August 8 to 12

From Wednesday August 8 to Sunday August 12, South Mumbai will celebrate Swadeshi fashion at the Vastralankara fashion event. Organised by the exhibition and events company Fashionistaa, the event will celebrate traditional Indian textiles from across the country with a showcase of both traditional and contemporary wear.

Weavers from across India will be celebrated at the event with an array of showcases. The weaves of Banarsi, Odissi, Bhagalpuri, Kolkata, Patolas, and Kanjiwaram will all be represented among others and textiles will include linens and natural silks.

The traditional, Swadeshi, fashion movement in India is continuing to pick up momentum. An increasing number of designers are looking traditional handwoven textiles for their designs. The Union Government is also promoting traditional textiles by making some such as Khadi tax exempt and by championing domestic textile production as part of its “Make in India” campaign. This even is one of many cropping up across India to promote sustainable and traditional fashion.

The event is free entry to the public and the venue is located in Kala Ghoda at Fort, South Mumbai. Each day, the event will run from 10am to 7pm. Visitors will also be offered free beauty and hair treatments as part of the event.

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