US firm Sourcemap mapping Bangladesh garment factories

Representatives from US firm Sourcemap, which maps supply chains across the world, visited Bangladesh last month to initiate a door-to-door census of garment units for a digital readymade factory map of the country. Data collectors have started collecting thousands of geographical positioning system (GPS)-linked data points from workers and organizations.

This data is being fed into Sourcemap’s supply chain mapping and transparency platform, which will then be available to global apparel brands and consumers with radical transparency and help transition accountability for factory improvements to Bangladeshis after North American and European platforms walk away from the safety tracking programs in May this year, according to a press release from the company.
Sourcemap has partnered with C&A Foundation and BRAC University (BRAC U) in Bangladesh to administer the survey.

In addition to factory and worker statistics, types of products manufactured, the names of clothing brands that each factory manufactures for will also be captured.

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