Toile opens Mumbai's first sustainable-only multi-brand boutique

Mumbai’s first multi-brand boutique that stocks only sustainable and eco-friendly fashion brands, Toile, recently opened in the city’s Khar West district.

Toile has opened in Mumbai's Khar West area - Toile- Facebook

Farheen Rahman and Priti Jain have opened an eco-friendly designer boutique that stocks Indian labels committed to sustainability. "The concept behind our store is to support and promote sustainability while giving a platform to designers and artists who believe in the same ideology," said Rahman and Jain.

"By promoting handloom instead of power loom, we are not only saving the environment but also giving employment to weavers which helps in the upliftment and economic improvement of our country. We upcycle tons of discarded fabrics from the industry which would otherwise just end up in landfills," said the co-founders. Some of the brands that feature in the boutique include Doodlage, Mati, Farheen Rahman, Naushad Ali, Kaveri, Ek Katha, Purvi Kabra, Amrich, Adheera, Ka Sha, and Crow.

The boutique alsoi aims to be a hub for sustainable fashion events in the city and on December 6, Toile held “High Chai”, a party to celebrate the launch of Jaivik by James Farriera. The event took place in Toile’s boutique and a talk about eco fashion was also held encouraging guests to discuss sustainability in the fashion industry. The boutique also has expansion plans and their next destinations are Kolkata and London.

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