ThreadSol unveils AI product intelloCut for apparel

ThreadSol, a leader in material management solutions for apparel firms, has unveiled its flagship product ‘intelloCut’ in Colombia. After a successful run in 15 countries, with over 120 developers, it is the world’s first artificial intelligence based system in the apparel industry that helps in fabric optimisation to save cost and make dollars in profit.

Manasij Ganguli, CEO and co-founder at ThreadSol said, “AI technology is being used by many giants today. Take Apple’s personal assistant Siri, for example. That is the simplest and most used form of AI in our daily lives. Video games like call of duty make significant uses of AI. Google’s self-driving cars and Tesla’s autopilot feature are two other examples of AI in our lives. IntelloCut’s AI driven features are an attempt to bring this amazing technology for the benefit of the global apparel industry.”

ThreadSol’s intelloCut claims to reduce the order planning time from 30 minutes to just under 3 minutes. Moreover, it makes AI-based decisions to reduce wastage. Apart from this, intelloCut is 100 per cent mobile driven. It generates a score of automatic reports available on mobile phones.

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