Sweta Parekh from Bhubaneswar to show at India Fashion Week London

Bhubaneswar based fashion designer Sweta Parekh will show a collection using traditional textiles at India Fashion Week London on November 12.

Sweta Parekh from Bhubaneswar will show at India Fashion Week London on November 12 - India Fashion Week London- Facebook

Parekh spoke about her upcoming collection at the India Fashion Week London press conference that took place on November 1 and mentioned that this will be her first international runway show and that she will be taking the opportunity to showcase traditional textiles from her native Odisha. “I am going to display the collections of “Pattachitra” styled dresses with Peacock’s feather designs. I have been working on this Pattachitra work for the last six years,” said Parekh when interviewed by Odisha TV.

Parekh expressed her desire to showcase the traditional textile art of Odisha to a wider audience and increase its popularity, as, according to her, it does not get the same attention as other traditional weaves whilst being "just as beautiful". Moreover, increased demand for the textiles would improve living standards in the state of Odisha itself. “If people use this Pattachitra art in their dresses and give this art more importance and use it in their festivals then the artists in Raghurajpur and some in Bhubaneswar will get a good source of income,” said Parekh.

Sweta Parekh launched her design studio in 2007 in Bhubaneswar after growing up with her father’s textile business. Parekh has shown collections at fashion weeks in Bhubaneswar, Kotkata, and Jaipur and has won a “Make in India” award from the Indian Government. 

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