Sweden's Oriflame looks to drive growth in India with skincare segment

The Swedish direct seller Oriflame has announced that it expects skincare and wellness products to make up 50 percent of their sales in India by 2021 and sees these two product categories as major growth drivers in the country.

Oriflame has announced that it expects skin care and wellness products to make up 50 percent of their sales in India - Oriflame- Facebook

Oriflame, which entered India in 1996, currently has five subsidiary brands that focus on skincare and three main wellness products comprising Wellness Share, Omega 3 and Swedish Beauty Complex Plus. The brand have announced that this is where they will be directing their focus moving forward due to the perceived potential for growth in these sectors of the market.

“Going forward, we have made a strategic choice that we will have disproportionate focus on skincare and wellness categories,” said Naveen Anand, Oriflame’s Senior Director of Regional Marketing. “By 2021, we expect skincare and wellness put together to account for 50 percent of our total sales.”

The brand currently has two manufacturing units and a network of 2.5 lakh direct sellers across India giving it a strong presence in the country. Current product categories also include accessories, make up, and fragrances but, going forward, the brand hopes skincare and wellness will drive their growth. “Wellness is a new category for us… we launched our first wellness product in 2015 and it will contribute strongly to our sales by 2021,” said Anand. However, as the brand is new to this sector, they want to take things slowly. “We will expand our offerings in wellness space but we are in no hurry. We want to do it right. I also believe we need to build on what we have in our portfolio at present,” said Anand. 

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