Swaraj Discovery Week promotes sustainable fashion in Bengaluru

As part of Gandhi Jayanthi, Swaraj Discovery Week will run in Bengaluru and an array of sustainable fashion brands will display their wares and give talks about the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Malkha designs (pictured) are on sale as part of Swaraj Discovery Week in Bengaluru - Malkha India- Facebook

October 2 saw the event hosted at Bengaluru’s Bhoomi College and October 3 to 5 sees the event run at the Radio Active grounds in the city. The aim of the event is to invoke Gandhi’s idea of “Swaraj” and promote hand-made, eco-friendly products to consumers in the city.

Some of the brands featured include Nature Alley, Desi, Tula, and Atul Johri Designs. Customers are able to shop directly from the garment’s producers and all items featured in the event are both sustainable and promote fair employment practices. In this way, the event is in line with the government’s “Made in India” campaign and is also promoting traditional textile production methods. This is a trend that appears to be gaining traction with both brands and consumers alike.

The event also has an array of talks about the importance of sustainable fashion and what that practically means. Some of the speakers include Atul Johri of Atul Johri Designs, Santosh Koulagi of the Janapada Seva Trust, Uzrammma of Malkha India, and Arup of MGGS Kolkata.

The event is organised as a joint venture betweem Bhoomi College, Radio Active, and Aikyam. 

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