Survey shows mobile apps are becoming more trusted in India

Shopping through mobile apps is vastly increasing in popularity in India as more and more fashion portals put out their own shopping apps.

Shopping on smart phones is on the increase in India - Amazon Pay- Facebook

According to a survey carried out by the commerce marketing company, Criteo, customers increasingly trust mobile shopping apps and feel comfortable making more and more expensive purchases on them. Not only are customers feeling more comfortable shopping on their phone, but more and more brands are launching apps for their online stores so their content can be viewed with ease on a smartphone.

One well-known multi-brand fashion store that recently launched its own app is Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop which optimised their e-commerce site for smart phone shopping. The app has already experienced a high download rate and media popularity. The concern, however, regarding the increased use mobile apps for shopping is that of addiction. It is markedly easier to make purchases from a mobile phone as it can be done anywhere the customer has wifi or even mobile data as people usually take their phones everywhere with them. The current lack of government regulations on mobile apps could also pose a problem.

The survey found that promotions are a big draw for shoppers as one third of the surveyed customers said they downloaded shopping apps because of a promotion. Around 80 percent said they feel comfortable shopping on their mobile but the biggest concern was that of data protection as one fifth were worried that their personal informational was not safe. Although fashion is the second highest performer in e-commerce in general, it is the highest performer across mobile apps, ahead of electronics. Customers are also happy to have multiple shopping apps on their phone as, according to the survey, 74 percent had between two and five different shopping apps on their phone, more than in Indonesia, Australia, and South Korea. As customers turn towards shopping on mobile apps, it is likely more and more companies will put out their own shopping apps. 

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