Shravan Kummar to represent India at International Eco Fashion Week Australia

International Eco Fashion Week Australia will run from November 23 to 27 in Perth and Shravan Kummar will represent India at the event.

Shravan Kummar will show at International Eco Fashion Week Australia - Shravan's Studio- Facebook

Organised by the artist and designer Zuhal Kuvan-Mills, International Eco Fashion Week Australia will showcase sustainable fashion from around the world this November. The Indian designer Shravan Kummar’s brand Shravan’s Studio will show Kalamkari natural cotton designs at the event alongside designers from Canada, Spain, and a host of other countries. “Nearly 84 countries are going to be a part of this event and I am thrilled to go there. It is a one-of-its-kind event and will present only the most creative and beautiful sustainable designs,” said Kummar.

Kummar’s designs incorporate the Ahmedabadi art form of Mata ni Pachedi, which translates to ‘Mother Goddess temple clothes’ which are textiles used to decorate idols in temples. These traditional textiles are made from natural fibres only and do not include any harmful chemicals and so their sustainable manufacture and uniquely Indian heritage were why Kummar’s designs were chosen to represent India at the fashion week.

About his design process, Kummar said: “While I was researching, I found that the origin of Kalamkari is from Gujarat and more specifically from Mata ni Pachedi. I realised that the art form was endangered and that the artisans who make these saris, the Chitara family, were not paid properly as well. The intricate designs and motifs of Mata ni Pachedi interested me a lot and I decided to take this further.”

Shravan Kummar Ramaswamy was born in Hyderabad and started his clothing brand, Shravan’s Studio, in 1993 after graduating from the London School of Fashion Design. Kummar describes his designs as biodegradable and skin-friendly and is well-known for his mixing of religious elements with fashion. Kummar showed his most recent collection at Mysore Fashion Week and his designs are available on a variety of multi-brand e-commerce sites. 

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