Shoppers Stop to introduce AR technology solutions in stores

Shoppers Stop will introduce a range of new technology features including augmented reality-based smart mirrors to strengthen its omni-channel retail strategy and glean comprehensive customer data.

The new technology features will include smart mirrors - Shoppers Stop- Facebook

The online and offline fashion retailer Shoppers Stop is currently experimenting with AR based smart mirrors which are designed to make it easier for the customer to try out clothing and give both online and offline options. The business also plans to roll out interactive kiosks and upgrade in-store touch points with the latest POS solution. Real-time promotions that cater to the specific customers currently in the store are in the works and the business plans to use location technology and heat maps in order to generate comprehensive customer data which will allow it to tailor the store to the customers’ needs.

The business has already introduced several technologies with the aim of modernising its retail experience for consumers who shop both online and offline. These include click-and-collect and shipping from the nearest store to the customer. Shoppers Stop also recently introduced a Personal Shopper programme and a “Browse and Buy” programme and both have an omni-channel approach. The business also recently upgraded its IT systems to include iWan solutions and has reported that this has speeded up billing time by 25 percent for customers.

Omni-channel is the current buzzword for multi-brand retailers in India, especially in the fashion market. Shoppers Stop, Amazon, and Flipkart among others are all strengthening the link between online and offline shopping as consumers increasingly do both.

Shoppers Stop currently has 83 retail outlets in 38 Indian cities and plans to invest Rs 120 crore ($18 million) on expansion and renovation in 2019. The business will open 12 beauty outlets and five department stores and will also launch new brands. Shoppers Stop has a number of exclusive brand partners including Wrogn, Femina, and Desigual as well as a number of private labels including Life, Stop, Kashish, and Haute Curry. The business was launched in 1991.

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