Shaan-e-Pakistan latest edition takes place in Pakistan

The fashion event that promotes ties between India and Pakistan, Shaan-e-Pakistan, held its latest edition, “Sephub x Sopritti”, in Pakistan.

“Sephub x Sopritti” took place in Pakistan - Shaan-e-Pakistan- Facebook

After previous editions taking place in New Delhi and Lahore, Shaan-e-Pakistan held its latest edition, season three, in Pakistan. The cross-border fashion event’s theme and title was “Sephub x Sopritti” and it was spread over four days from May 1 to 4.

“Shaan-e-Pakistan presenting SEPHUB is an evolution of the previous editions, endeavouring to showcase the prowess of Pakistan's fashion/cultural/art/music/ to Pakistan, in Pakistan, in a luxury format,” said the event’s media release.

Featuring an array of Indian and Pakistani fashion designers, a number of runway shows promoted both cultural and economic ties between the two nations. The two main special guests were the designers who made the costumes for the recent Bollywood blockbuster Padmaavat, Rimple and Harpreet Narula. The design duo brought their signature embellished traditional wear to showcase it on the runway.

The event’s audience included a number of dignitaries and celebrities, including the Indian High Commissioner (IHC), Ajay Basarya. At the event, Basarya told Dunya News that culture had a language of its own pertaining to the countries’ relations and stated that the Indian Government had imposed no ban on Pakistani artists.

As Shaan-e-Pakistan celebrated its third season of bringing together Pakistani and Indian fashion designers, this means a lot for future ties between the two nations.

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