Sephora overhauls shower and bath product line

Sephora is about to cease production of and retire one of the first product lines it launched under its own brand. Sephora will retire its signature shower and bath gel, easily recognisable for its “bubble” packaging, and will launch an entirely re-branded Sephora Collection bath and shower range at the end of May in both its flagship stores and online.

Reference provided for the new Sephora product line - Archiv

The collection, much like Sephora’s new line of lipsticks, “#Lipstories” that have been designed to appeal to millennials, has a more modern branding. The line has tangy colours and more evocative scent names such as “in the sun”, “morning alarm”, and “going out tonight”. The round shaped packaging is also more ergonomic which moves it away from the category of gift products into the category of daily hygiene products.

For the new line, a total of eight products in five different fragrances will be available.

Some of the upcoming products include a melting shower gel (7.99 Euros for 250ml), a moisturising body cream, foaming hand gel (4.99 Euro for 250ml), a body scrub, and effervescent pastilles.


Translated by Isabelle Crossley

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