Sandhya Nair to launch couture line for Aiyna Atelier, to support Swakshatra-Innately Strong NGO

​Sandhya Nair, an Indian fashion designer based in Aurura, Illinois, US, will launch her first couture collection on October 21 and will use the event to support the Indian NGO Swakshatra-Innately Strong.

Sandhya Nair will launch her first Aiyna Atelier couture collection on October 21 - Aiyna Atelier by Sandhya Nair- Facebook

At the upcoming “Femmes Force Fashion Show” at Bolingbrook Golf Club, Illinois, Nair will debut her couture line, Aiyna Atelier. Nair is using the occasion to launch her couture line as well as to raise money for Swakshatra-Innately Strong which is an NGO run by ex-Indian army officers that works to help female trafficking and abuse survivors in India. Nair was inspired to support the NGO after visiting it in Bengaluru where it is based.

The runway show will feature 20 models all of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. The collection, according to Nair, will have a colour palette of black, white, red, and gold and will include Tambour embroidery created by Aiyna Atelier’s team of artisans.

Nair wrote on her social media that the collection “screams out the terrifying facts of abuse and trafficking” and is meant to raise awareness of the issue. Nair also shared images of the recent fitting session and wrote about her aesthetic choices: “My favorite is black, which speaks about the darkest moments in these children’s lives. Tearing eyes symbolizes the cry and pain of these children. The chain shows the constraints and wordings is what they want to convey but many times fail to as some may not believe them and some say ‘we understand.’”

Nair hopes to make the fashion show an annual event and has also created a GoFundMe page to support the NGO.

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