Rohit Bal to show couture collection at Nobility for Ability event

​The For Ability India Trust will host its Nobility for Ability charity fundraiser at the City Palace of Jaipur and designer Rohit Bal has announced he will be showing a couture collection as part of the event.

Rohit Bal will show a couture collection featuring some new pieces for charity on November 18 - Rohit Bal- Facebook

Rohit Bal recently showed his current couture collection at India Couture Week in New Delhi, and will put on another couture show at the Nobility for Ability charity event scheduled for November 17 and 18 this year. November 18 is the 289th Foundation Day for the city of Jaipur and it is on this evening that Rohit Bal is set to show the couture collection.

The founder of the trust, Piya Bajwa said about the event: “I have picked up these causes as they are deeply rooted in my life. We get so worked up [in our own lives], so I wanted to take a step forward and do something for the society I feel so passionately about.”

The event will host Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur as patron and will also raise money for her charity, the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation (PDKF), which focuses on empowering girls. The KnowDisability charity is also involved.

Rohit Bal explained his desire to get involved in the event: “I honestly feel we get so cosy and busy in our own lives and professions that we tend to forget the more important things, that is trying and doing something for lesser privileged or physically challenged people. There are millions who are suffering in our country, especially the children. So whenever an opportunity like this comes, I would never say no to it. It’s wonderful to be working with Princess Diya Kumari. Through this, we are trying to raise funds to help the people live a better life. I am a designer, so the best way that I can help is by doing a show and creating a couture collection. As the show is going to be held at the royal City Palace, the collection is going to be in sync with the ambience and the feel of the palace. The pieces are going to be about royalty, grandeur and heritage, so we are trying to add some elements of Rajasthan. The collection will be a mix of my classics and newer pieces inspired by Rajasthan.”

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