PrettySecrets expands across the board for athleisure, diversity boost

The Indian lingerie brand PrettySecrets plans to continue to expand its product categories, textile shades, online distribution, and in-store technology.

PrettySecrets will be opening small offices and order fulfilment centres this year - PrettySecrets- Facebook

PrettySecrets, which has a retail presence both online and offline, plans to continue to expand its product categories this year, according to the brand’s Founder and CEO, Karan Behal. In the near future, PrettySecrets will launch athleisure clothing, yoga wear, and more plus size products.

Along with launching new product lines, the brand also aims to continue to expand upon its range of 'nude' coloured underwear. 

“We have recently introduced three different shades of nude with a commitment to add one new nude shade every season as per the Indian skin-tone,” Behal told Indiaretailing.

In terms of distribution, the brand will be opening small offices and order fulfilment centres in both Delhi and Bengaluru. The fulfilment centres will be sized at around 3,000 to 5,000 square feet. The centres will be constructed in 2018 and will improve upon the brand’s distribution network.

As a way of taking online technology into its brick and mortar stores, PrettySecrets have started to open stores without cash counters. Staff have hand held devices where they can show products to customers and complete the billing process. The last 12 stores opened have this system in place and it may be the norm moving forward.

Online expansion is also part of the brand’s game plan.

“Online marketplace will continue to be a target leader and our target for this year is 200 percent growth and will continue to maintain organic growth and serve as the backbone to all the distribution channels,” said Behal.

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