Patanjali partners to launch "Mission Fit India"

On June 4, Patanjali partnered with Fever FM, FTC, and MY FM to launch “Mission Fit India”, a 120 day radio fitness festival that aims to address mental and physical health through Yog Ayurved principles.

Patanjali partnered with Fever FM, FTC, and MY FM to launch “Mission Fit India” - Perfect Relations

As Patanjali is a brand that is based on Ayurveda, it is also invested in advocating an Ayurvedic lifestyle to the Indian population to promote health and nationalism, arguably its two main principles. In order to market its own brand of healthy living, also reflected in its cosmetic and food products, Patanjali has joined forces with several radio stations to broadcast daily updates.

“Swami Ramdev, Bhai Suniel Shetty and I have come together on a fitness mission to help people understand how Yog Ayurved can help us in leading a healthy life,” Patanjali’s Acharya Balkrishna said in a press release. “We have come together for the common intention of busting all myths about fitness and making every household aware and interested in the simplicity of the ways of staying healthy. I am very happy to be a part of Mission Fit India because there has never been a fitness mission of this magnitude in the country!”

Organised by Fever FM, the programmes will run over 120 days and will be in four phases: ‘Fit Basics’, ‘Suniel Ki Sena’, ‘Fitness Wars’, and ‘Finale’. Thirteen Fever FM cities and 30 My FM cities will broadcast the daily show and tie-ups have been made with Jio Cinema, Jio Music, Saavn, and Tata Sky which will all host related video and audio content. The estimated reach is up 220 million people in India.

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