Pacific Mall unveils strategies to keep malls relevant in the current retail climate

New Delhi’s Pacific Mall, part of the Pacific India business group and located in Tagore Garden, is rolling out a number of strategies to lure customers to brick and mortar locations as opposed to shopping online.

Pacific Mall is rolling out a number of strategies to lure customers to brick and mortar locations - Pacific Mall- Facebook

Abhishek Bansal, the Executive Director of Pacific India, has decided to focus on the customer experience in Pacific Mall. The 6-lakh square foot mall that houses 140 national and international brands, which is currently celebrating its seventh anniversary with a programme of sale events and live entertainment, has a large number of entertainment events designed to draw customers to the mall with the hope that they will also browse the shops.

“Today, malls are no longer just shopping destinations,” said Bansal. “Customers look for a holistic experience and it is important to engage with them on an emotional level to create the right connect. Pacific mall has been aggressive in creating specialised marketing events and our quality of marketing activities is different and unique. We focus on a lot of international performances. To name a few Queen’s Wednesday, Live acts such as magician shows, jugglers, acrobat, unicycle acts on every second and fourth Saturday of the month.” Events like Auto Arcade have also proved successful in creating footfalls in the mall.

Along with entertainment events, Bansal has also noted the importance of matching the price points of the mall’s shops with the affluence of the region it is situated in. “One big problem which most malls face today in India is the absence of midsized retail companies. These need to be included,” opined Bansal.

As an increasing number of fashion brands are adopting an omni-channel approach in India where they retail from their own or a popular multi-brand e-commerce platform as well as through brick and mortar stores, malls are increasingly having to find ways to encourage shoppers to visit their location instead of shopping from home.

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