Ozone launches Novex professional hair care in India

The Pharma and FMCG owned Ozone Group announced on September 2 that it will make its first foray into haircare and launch Novex by Embelleze across India.

Novex hair care and styling products have now been launched in India - Novex- Facebook

After making the announcement on Saturday, Ozone Organic Advantage proceeded to launch the Novex haircare brand across India. Ozone has not previously retailed haircare products but has a strong natural focus for their other cosmetic products which Novex also shares.

In this way, Ozone Group’s Chairman and Managing Director, S C Sehgal, said of their new collaboration: “In our skin care products, we focus more on sustainable healthy, clear and glowing skin, rather than chemically- treated superficial correction. This new alignment with Embelleze will further strengthen the product offerings of Ozone in India.” Ozone has stated that they will use their pre-existing distribution network in the roll out of the haircare line.

The haircare brand Novex, part of Embelleze, is from Brazil and focuses on salon standard professional haircare products. Pricing for the brand will start at 1,200 rupees and go up to 5,000 rupees for more expensive items. One of the brand’s main ingredients is coconut oil which is currently in high demand in the natural haircare market. Other ingredients the brand uses in its products include olive oil, bamboo, and Brazilian keratin. 

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