Online marketplace Desiclik eyes global expansion, to launch India site by December

US based e-commerce marketplace Desiclik is looking to expand its base globally by entering Canada, UK and Australia in the coming months and will also launch its India website by December 2018.
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Desiclik formerly known as the currently sells products in the USA focusing solely on Indian products by connecting all local stores. After success in the USA the company is looking at the lucrative e-commerce market back home in India with the launch of B2B platform for vendors in India.
The company will replicate the US model in India of connecting buyers and sellers in the country. Similar to Amazon and Flipkart, that has started the global selling programme which allows sellers to showcase their products to a global audience, Desiclik too will let Indian sellers sell abroad and vice versa.
Desiclik has projected a 50 percent annual growth for the firm and hopes to generate $200,000 in B2B business for its members in the first year.
"This new platform will essentially be a B2B marketplace for business goods and supplies that will help suppliers and exporters in India and businesses in the US to trade with each other," said co-founder DesiClik, Deepak Agarwal said in a statement.
"We are aiming to launch DesiClik's B2B marketplace by the third quarter of 2018. Vendors from India can get listed on the portal after they have gone through the selection and approval process of DesiClik. There will be a nominal annual registration fee for the vendors, which will help them generate unlimited leads. The platform wants to replicate the DesiClik concept in Canada, UK and Australia," he added.

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