North East India Fashion Week to be held September 30

The Nagaland third edition of North East India Fashion Week will take place in Dimapur, Nagaland, on September 30 and will focus on promoting handloom fashion.

North East India Fashion Week will hold its Nagaland edition on September 30 - North East India Fashion Week- Facebook

With the third edition of North East India Fashion Week, Nagaland and its traditional handlooms are being given the spotlight as the event’s organisers have announced that the state’s traditional garments will be celebrated at the event. Other North East states (excluding Sikkim) will also take part in the event and will also showcase their own traditional weaving techniques. The work of Assamese weavers will also be on show and the aim is to present the crafts in both a traditional and contemporary manner.

The Assam edition of North East India Fashion Week was held on August 26 in Guwahati, Assam, and was put on to inspire traditional handicraft workers and designers alike to celebrate local weaving techniques. The spirit of the event was well summed up by the designer Menty Jamir who showed a small collection at the event and said: “our style is our identity- with my designing skill I want to keep my culture alive.”

The upcoming North East India Fashion Week is powered by ReM Group and sponsored by Emerald Inn and will take place at the AIDA Hall of the Don Bosco Higher Secondary School in Dimapur, Nagaland, at 5pm on September 30.

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